40° There's hot and then
there's Bikram.

40 years at 40 degrees.

Popularized in the early 1970s, Bikram Yoga is a hardcore spinoff from the original Hatha Yoga. Yogis sweat their worries away in 90 minute practices, performing a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The crazy part? The thermostat is fixed at 40° Celsius the entire time.

In 2012, a newcomer arrived on Edmonton’s yoga scene. But with so many other studios in the city, standing out wasn’t an easy task. Starburst was tasked with creating an appealing and exciting identity system that would help introduce and establish Bikram East Edmonton.

An evolution of the mark.


Not Quite

Our initial concept development played off the owners - two sisters.


Getting Better

A simplified version alluded to the contortion of postures in a stylized merger of 2's.


Almost There

The “Two Sisters” direction was dropped and a cleaner approach to the word mark was developed.



This mark’s bold circle implied heat. A bright colour palette intensified it further. We had arrived at our destination.

With a solid identity system established, it was time to execute.

Begin with the basics.

With the basics of the new brand now laid, it was time to build on that foundation with the execution of other visual identity pieces. An array of colourful business cards were designed for the Yoga Ninjas of Bikram East Edmonton. Outdoor signage and 2-for-1 promotional handbills helped drive traffic to the new location, while fun and swipeable key fobs encouraged yogis to return.

Bring the heat.

With a successful inaugural year under their belts, the two sisters turned their focus to advertising. The mission? Increase young adult enrollment. The method? Starburst went to work on a campaign that would run in student handbooks. Copy was kept playful and just a bit cheeky for a series of banner and full page ads offering student discounts for the academic yogis at nearby universities.

35,000 Impressions a day

See what the sweat's about.

Have you ever tried to melt a billboard? Well it isn’t easy. But when Bikram East Edmonton needed an exciting way to make a statement and get foot traffic in the door, Starburst did just that. Sweat and plastic melted away on the side of 75th Street, while motorists and pedestrians strained to see just what was happening to that sign.

As a result, many inquisitive yogis got their sweat on at Bikram East Edmonton, and we had another successful campaign under our belt for a couple of sister yogis who were willing to trust our crazy idea.