• Kayla Baretta Photo
    Kayla has been steeped in digital marketing since first entering the industry in 2014 after she left the world of biochemistry. In the past two years, she’s managed an increasingly complicated portfolio of projects including websites and digital marketing campaigns that range in scope from 10 to 1,000 hours. Kayla is a self proclaimed serial volunteer and super nerd. She loves to bake, spend time with her chihuahua and host themed parties (not in that order).
  • Gillian Bilodeau Photo
    Gillian Bilodeau brings her eclectic education and professional background to Starburst and provides direction and coordination for a wide-range of projects. Before graduating in 2015 with a marketing diploma from NAIT, she was elected Vice President Student Services’ where she acted as project lead for campus-wide initiatives and events.
  • Dylan Bodnar Photo
    When he’s not immersed in web development and programming for Starburst’s interactive team, Dylan spends his time coaching high school football and questing up a storm in World of Warcraft. An honours graduate from the NAIT Digital Media and IT program, Dylan is a sports nut who gained his first and second degree black belt in taekwondo by the time he was 10 years old.
  • Jenelle Bremault Photo
    Jenelle graduated with distinction from Grant MacEwan’s Design Studies program in 2014 and immediately found a job in advertising. She is particularly passionate about conceptual design and hand-crafted typography. Jenelle remains an avid student of her craft by attending frequent workshops and events. Jenelle can be found hiking in the mountains with her camera in hand and her bulldog at her side.
  • Chantelle Campbell Photo
    Chantelle is a recent University of Alberta commerce graduate with a professional marketing background in the non-profit sector. Her experience and supreme organizational skills help clients get big results from modest budgets for all types of projects. Outside the office, you will find her snuggling with her Boston Terrier, slinging Magic: the Gathering cards, or cutting a rug at a local Swing Dance.
  • Angelina Cho Photo
    Angelina obtained her MBA from the University of Alberta in 2014 and has several years of business and marketing experience. At Starburst, Angelina plans and executes digital media campaigns across a variety of networks and platforms. When she's not coming up with digital strategies, she can be found daydreaming about travel or breaking a sweat at the gym.
  • Colin Christiansen Photo
    Colin joins us as a recent graduate from the University of Alberta where he received a Bachelor of Commerce degree with distinction. Colin is new to the industry but brings a vast knowledge of print, TV, radio and digital campaigns to the Digital Media team. His keen desire to always know what is coming next for consumer marketing and tech trends will continue to help find innovative solutions for our clients. Colin isn’t all business, he unwinds by watching soccer, working up a sweat by running or biking, or coming up with creative punditry for a laugh or sigh.
  • Rob Jennings Photo
    Rob is the founder of Starburst Creative, which he launched in 2008. In all, he has 17 years of experience in marketing and advertising. As creative as he is strategic, he’s a man of many roles—strategist, creative director, suit—often at the same time. Rob’s obsessive attention to detail, sharp eye for talent and ability to build long-term relationships gives him an edge in the industry.
  • Elliott Kuss Photo
    Elliott’s passion for graphic design was first inspired by his love of photography and music. He's since channelled those talents into tangible designs that not only look good but have purpose, meaning and intention behind them. When he isn’t concocting creative concepts, he spends his spare time cracking the latest codes at Edmonton’s most complicated Escape rooms. He also enjoys watching Jeopardy!, hanging out with his cat, and is cool enough to play guitar in a real life band. 
  • Jeff McLean Photo
    With 25-years in the industry, Jeff is one of Alberta’s most celebrated professionals - being one of the most talented and accomplished creative minds in Western Canada. He has won numerous local, national and international advertising awards, including engineering some of Alberta’s most successful and recognizable campaigns.
  • Cozette Nguyen Photo
    Cozette is a Ryerson University graduate from the Graphic Communications Management program, which ignited her interest in project management and coordination in the graphic communications industry. Having previously worked onsite with clients in the magazine and retail flyer sector, she’s now stepped into the digital advertising world. She’s a regular foodie and fitness enthusiast, lifting forks and barbells. In her downtime you’ll catch her engrossed in the latest movies and sports games.
  • Thi Nguyen Photo
    Thi graduated from MacEwan University’s Public Relations program and quickly found her calling in online advertising. As the Digital Media Analyst, she leverages consumer data to craft targeted strategies for optimizing marketing effectiveness and efficiency. When she’s not poring over campaign performance metrics, she enjoys doing crossword puzzles, watching documentaries, and cuddling with her dog, Max.
  • Ryan Priebe Photo
    Ryan brings eight years of web development experience to the Starburst digital team. He has developed websites, web apps, tools, games, and everything in between. Ryan is also a big believer in open source software, contributing to OSS projects whenever he can. When Ryan unplugs, you’ll find him on his mountain bike, cooking in the kitchen, or cheering (hopelessly) for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • Chelsea Rho Photo
    As Account Supervisor, Chelsea is a dynamic problem solver with a surgical approach to project management. Chelsea is well-versed in all matters of modern marketing, including SEM and SEO, interactive, media buying and budgeting, and social media. In her spare time you can find Chelsea playing softball, working on crafty home projects and guzzling lattes.
  • Kayla Sommer Photo
    Kayla graduated from MacEwan University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing. Since graduating, she’s performed various client-side communications roles before joining Starburst in November of 2016. Kayla is responsible for social media content development and co-ordination for Starburst’s clients.
  • Paulina Van Vliet Photo
    Paulina quickly found her passion for graphic design after taking design classes while studying sociology at the University of Alberta. As her desire to explore the industry grew, she abandoned her original plan of becoming a peace officer and enrolled in design studies at MacEwan University. Paulina is enthusiastic about the variety of work and experience that agencies offer but is fuelled by planning the next traveling adventure with her husband.
  • Brenna Voogd Photo
    With 10 years experience in graphic design, Brenna blends perfectionism with efficiency. Discerning and detail-oriented, she makes beautiful design look easy, while keeping us organized as studio director. When she’s done juggling designs and deadlines for the day, Brenna enjoys going for long walks with her dog.
  • Mark Watson Photo
    Also a recent MacEwan design studies graduate, Mark’s education focused on user experience and user interface in web design. At Starburst, Mark’s talent is deployed on a range of design work but shines brightest on projects users don’t just see but also interact with. Mark is what we call a healthy-active guy. He looks forward to hitting the slopes in the winter, beaching it through the summer, and hitting the gym all year round.
  • Kristina Weir Photo
    Kristina joins the Starburst team after receiving her Bachelors of Business Administration with a Major in Marketing from NAIT. Kristina uses her administrative and marketing skills to assist with day-to-day operations of some of our biggest clients. Originally from Yellowknife, Kristina has taken a shining to Edmonton’s river valley, our many festivals, and our esteemed hockey and football teams. (She even interned with the Eskimos.)
  • Kiri Wysynski Photo
    Having spent 18 years in the industry, Kiri has a depth of strategic prowess and a keen eye for detail. An active member of the advertising community, she also currently sits on the board for the Centre for Autism Services Alberta. After-hours, you can find Kiri perfecting her forehand flick in ultimate frisbee, diving into a long book or attempting turtle pose on her yoga mat.