Rob Jennings

Talent on the Rise.

At Starburst Creative, we are constantly seeking ways to empower the next generation of leaders within our industry. Through our partnership with NAIT, we were able to create the Starburst Creative Scholarship in 2014, awarded to students who achieved a top academic achievement based on the PREL 3378 Public Relations course.

Our goal was to make this an annual award in the Business Administration Marketing program to help upcoming talent achieve their academic and career aspirations and shine a spotlight on the next generation of advertisers and marketers.

Several current Starburst employees were encouraged to pursue advertising careers through similar scholarships and we wanted to give the same encouragement to students who demonstrate the skills and the drive to succeed in the business.

We have seen great success in previous years and are pleased to announce Anna Vincent and Claudean Murray this year’s co-recipients. Anna and Claudean received of 94% and 90% respectively – a demonstration of the capabilities we can expect to see from graduates.

Congratulations Anna and Claudean! We look forward to seeing many successes in your future.